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Welcome to
The Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Trust


The Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Trust was established under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code to resolve all asbestos claims for which the AWI Company has legal responsibility.


The Trust is organized to pay all valid asbestos personal injury claims against these defendants and certain related protected parties in accordance with the Trust Distribution Procedures ("TDP") approved by the bankruptcy court.  The purpose of this website is to provide information to assist claimants and others in understanding the purpose of the Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Trust and how the Trust resolves claims.


"The goal of the Trust is to process and pay valid claims as promptly and efficiently as possible."

A copy of the applicable TDP is available on this site.  Information regarding claim filing procedures will indicate, among other things, when and how claims may be filed with the Trust.

Our Core Values

We work hard to exceed the expectations of our claimants and Trustees...

We conduct business with integrity and trust...

We respond quickly to claimants needs...

We treat all claimants equitably...

Need Help?

Be sure to browse Resources on the Navigation bar for claim related information that may assist you.


12/11/2013 Notice of AWI Payment Percentage Increase
11/21/2013Trust Online Enhancement
11/5/2013 Letter to Claimants and Counsel for Claimants against the Armstrong World Industries Personal Injury Settlement Trust
7/26/2013 Trust Online Enhancements
6/25/2013Updated AWI Approved Site List
5/20/2013Updated AWI TDP
3/22/2013 Trust Online Enhancements
12/10/2012Trust Online Enhancements
2/25/2011 Trust Online Enhancements
1/26/2011Notice of Statute of Limitations
11/11/2010Trust Online Enhancements
6/18/2010Trust Online Enhancements
3/6/2009 AWI New W-9 Ruling
2/20/2009Announcement Of Increase In Values For Certain Individual Review (“IR”) Claims
10/9/2008 Announcement of Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Requirement
5/10/2008Update to The Policy on Physicians and Medical Facilities
11/13/2007 Initial Claims Filing Date Extension